And the world looks just the same

I’ve been jonesing for a new bike. Despite how much I love my current one, I find myself wishing it was lighter, faster, better. I test drove a road bike — —with drop-down handlebars — for the first time —back in September and was pleasantly surprised by the bike’s geometry. The position that bike had me sitting in was new and took some adjusting but it wasn’t uncomfortable. In fact, I grew to quite like it by the time I had to return the bike back to the shop. It made me feel fast.

Most new bikes I’ve seen have aluminum frames but I’m more interested in a steel frame. Yes, it’s a little heavier but, generally, I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. (But you can read more about that on the interwebs…) There are few steel frames with good components (Shimano 105 or better) out there that won’t break the bank. The one I’m currently interested in (despite its Tiagra components) is the Salsa Casseroll:


I’ve been drooling over this bike for months now and never purchased it because it’s quite the investment. Considering I’ve only been working part-time since September, I haven’t felt I could afford such a luxurious bike. However! I’ll be starting full-time (albeit temporary) work January 2 so I’ve been revisiting the idea of getting a new bike. The library is only 3 miles away and easily accessible by bike… This is one of those purchases that will definitely have a return on investment. (A fellow Brooklyn bike commuter recently calculated that he saved $549 over 8 months by riding his bike to work. At that rate, I’d have the bike paid for in about 1.5 years.)

So as I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing this bad boy, I learn that my boyfriend wants to get it for me as a holiday (and birthday and next winter holiday and next birthday…) present. Looks like I’m getting this bike after all :)

You melt my wings and call it fun

I taught my boyfriend to knit:

This is Alex knitting a cowl for himself last night. He used some of my leftover yarn to create a multi-colored (brown and cream) cowl. I only helped him by joining to knit it in the round and binding it off for him, he did most of the knitting himself.

We were at Purl Soho today and he came thisclose to buying some fancy-pants yarn to knit an infinity scarf for himself. In the end, he decided against it. I was in there to look for yarn for a shawl I want to knit for my mother… but I couldn’t find anything I liked. (Besides, the yarn is so expensive in that store!) So we both walked away empty-handed.

I got you in my sights

Motorcycle chained to the same pole to which I locked my bike:

Doesn’t it look ferocious with those teeth? My bike was glad to finally be freed.

Sigh. My poor bike could use a bath. It’s taken a lot of abuse these past few months, what with all the rain riding and wet cement eating.