A day in the life…

This summer, I’m only working two days a week.  And that’s while working 2 jobs!  (In the mornings, I work on a project for which I was hired as an Adjunct Librarian.  In the afternoons, I’m on the Reference Desk as an assistant.)  The following is a re-creation of my day on Monday, to the best of my recollection:

6:22 AM Hit the snooze button on my alarm clock.  Toss and turn for a few minutes.  Get up and turn off the alarm that has gone off at 6:30.  Make way to bathroom to shower, wash my face, and brush my teeth.  Get dressed.  Check personal email.

8:00 AM Go upstairs to eat breakfast with parents.

8:25 AM Get in car and head towards Brooklyn.  (I carpool with my parents.)

9:30 AM Arrive at work.  Check work email.  Check personal email.  Catch up on RSS feeds.  Sign into Twitter and see what’s happening in the world.

9:48 AM Talk with co-worker about bicycles.

10:00 AM Begin Job #1.  Log into the FTP server where my project site resides.  Start tweaking HTML, CSS, and PHP code.

10:42 AM Quietly mutter obscenities as the Internet connection waxes and wanes.

10:47 AM Leave my cubicle for fear of smashing something as the Library’s servers go down temporarily.

11:00 AM Return to desk after making a quick trip to the deli for coffee.  Note that the servers seem to be back up and the Internet connection is holding steady.  Put nose back to the grindstone.

12:42 PM Get up to stretch my legs and back.  Consider getting a snack but decide against it.  Fill up water bottle while chatting with office manager.  Return to work, try to figure out why certain things don’t work in Internet Explorer.

1:34 PM Check email.  Update Twitter status.  Continue working on my project.

1:56 PM Log out of FTP server, shut down machine, pack my stuff, and head for my 2 o’clock shift as an assistant at the Reference Desk.

2:00 PM Begin Job #2.  Circle the Desk to make sure that all fliers and handouts are in stock and in neat piles.  Examine all of the public catalog look-up terminals to make sure that each station has scrap paper and pencils.

2:43 PM Phone rings.  Student needs help using the Library’s online catalog to see if we own copies of 2 books she needs.  We do.  She thanks me and hangs up the phone.  I do the same.

3:02 PM Sign into Gmail Talk.  Chat with Alex about mundane things.  Learn that he’s still looking to buy a bike and needs help finding a good one for a decent price.  Hit up craigslist and eBay to look for such a bike.

3:14 PM Student approaches me to ask if I can help him print something.  I accompany him to his PC and note that the default printer is incorrect.  Set printer to correct one.  Student thanks me as I’m walking away.

3:57 PM Zero in on a great road bike for a decent price.  Excitedly tell Alex (via GTalk) about it.  He likes it, too, and will be contacting the seller soon.

4:02 PM Phone rings.  “How late is the Library open today?” I’m asked.  “We close at 6 tonight,” I answer.  “The summer schedule is different.  On Mondays and Thursdays, we close at 9 PM.  On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we’re only open until 6.  We’re closed on Fridays and the weekend.”  Student thanks me and hangs up the phone.  I do the same.

4:33 PM Find myself alone at the Reference Desk, as the librarian who was supposed to cover the 4 – 6 PM shift has not shown up.  Help student find statistics about healthcare employees in the U.S. over the last 5 years.

4:52 PM Make small talk with the intern who’s passing by.  He congratulates me on my “promotion” to Librarian (since I am now at the helm).

5:13 PM Alex tells me the road bike was sold.  On the hunt to find another bike.

5:28 PM Begin to power down the librarian-use-only computers.  (Of the 12 available, I turn off 10, leaving 2 on for last-minute stragglers.)

5:42 PM Decide it’s about time that I read the newspaper so I hit up the New York Times website.  Also helps to combat the boredom of a summer afternoon at a college library.  Check email and Twitter.

5:53 PM Shut down the remaining 2 reference computers.  Turn off the public catalog look-up stations.

5:59 PM Power down the 3 reference desk computers.  Circle the Desk to make sure handouts and fliers are still in order.  Fix the piles that are slightly askew.

6:00 PM As Circulation staff makes “library is now closed” announcement, I pack my stuff (and glance around nervously to make sure I have everything with me), bid goodnight to the support staff, and head out the door.

6:22 PM Arrive at my mother’s place of work.  Head to my father’s workplace.

6:34 PM Pick up father from work.  Drive to nearby Japanese restaurant for dinner.

7:11 PM Pay bill and leave the restaurant.  Get in car and head home to Staten Island.

7:58 PM Home at last.  My cat, Dixon, greets me.  As he plops down on the floor and exposes his belly, I pet and nuzzle him.  I come up to the aquarium/tank and greet its inhabitants: 2 goldfish and 1 turtle.

8:05 PM After taking off my shoes and putting down my stuff, I feed the cat and clean his litter box.

8:30 PM Change into my “home” clothes (usually PJ pants and a t-shirt I wouldn’t wear out in public).  Sit on couch and turn on TV.  See what’s recorded on DVR, watch what’s of interest (usually “The Simpsons” or “Futurama”).

9:30 PM Pick up laptop.  Check email, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds.  Go on craigslist and eBay to look for bikes for Alex.  Email him links to the ones that look reasonable.

10:12 PM Dixon’s meowing so I give him some attention.  He plays with a toy, I chase him down the hall, and we roughhouse for a bit.  I’ve now annoyed him so he leaves me alone.

10:30 PM Turn off the UV lamp atop the aquarium/tank, make sure cat has fresh water, brush my teeth, and head to bedroom.  Read a few chapters of the book I’m currently reading.

11:48 PM Unable to keep my eyes open any longer.  Put book away.  Turn off light.





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