The books are overdue and the goats are underfed

Over the last two weeks, I have knitted two scarves.  This is momentous because I have only been knitting for about a month… after first trying to learn to knit two years ago.  Thanks to a crafty coworker (who urged me to bring my needles to work so she could help me figure out where I was going wrong) and, I got the hang of casting on, knit stitches, purl stitches, and binding off.  With these skills in hand (and access to free patterns via Ravelry), I was able to knit these two scarves:

Teddy bear modeling gray scarf Teddy bear modeling pink ribbed scarf

The gray one is Alex’s scarf. The pink scarf will go to my sister. (How do you like the model? It’s Corduroy!)

I still have to learn how to increase and decrease, as well as knit in the round. Then I can really cook! (I have so many projects in mind! The limited skills of my fingers is frustrating. Without learning these three things, I am limited to just rectangles — or scarves. I want to be able to make hats, cowls, sweaters, gloves, socks, toys, … !)

My classes ended on December 22nd… so I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. (This was my last semester of library school! As soon as all of my grades are entered, I will be awarded with a Master’s degree in Library & Information Science!)

…I think I may read a book next. (Gasp!)





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