Your chariot will arrive

This whole commuting business is bumming me out.

I was actually finally getting used to the idea of spending time on public transportation everyday but then I went and made a schedule.  Now I get to see exactly how awful this will be.  I would be working 8 hours everyday and commuting 4 hours everyday.  My mother has been trying to convince me that it’s normal and doable but it seems unbearable to me.  However, when I went to speak with my supervisor yesterday, he pretty much told me the job is 99.9% mine.  The odds of finding another candidate with my qualifications, he said, are slim to none… so if I want the job permanently, it’s pretty much mine.  He also informed me that the library will only begin looking for a permanent person in Spring 2011, so I will have the job during that time, too.  In other words: this job is going to last me until at least May 2011.

Since my supervisor gave me the go-ahead to start my life, I am now looking for an apartment!  I have an appointment tomorrow to see an place in Crown Heights.  If all goes well, I’ll also be looking at another (cheaper!) apartment in Prospect Heights (which is where I really want to be).  I’m very excited!  I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time.






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