These dreams are forever

I am looking forward to the weather cooling down so that I can knit garments again.  Since I last blogged about my knitting, I’ve knit two berets, two baby sweaters, two baby bonnets, one men’s cardigan, and one lacy shawl.

Aside from the cardigan, everything has been relatively small.  And, coincidentally, the cardigan turned out to be a flop because it’s too small for Alex.  It’s a real shame because I worked really hard on it and it took me so long.  The shawl, which I started after the cardigan, was a great success, though!  It’s my most impressive project to date and I’m very proud of it.

I decided to ride off that success so I’m knitting another shawl.  This one is for myself!  (The previous shawl was for my mother.)  It’ll be a celebratory gift to myself on account of the new job.  This shawl is solid and large and warm… because offices (particularly library offices) get really cold.  (When it’s 100°F outside, librarians are sitting with space heaters under their desks.)  It’ll be nice to have something to throw over my shoulders when I get shivery from sitting still for long periods of time.

The next piece will most likely be a sweater vest for myself.  It’ll be another gift to wear around the library.  (What can I say?  I’m excited!)  It’ll be knit in transit to and from work, whether I stay on Staten Island (and have 4 hours everyday to knit) or move to Brooklyn (and have 2 hours everyday to knit).  I’m really hoping it’s the latter.





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