My lips are sealed

Now that my living situation is somewhat under control (I’ll be moving on September 1!), I’m starting to worry about the new job.  And it’s not even the job itself that’s worrying me!  I met with my supervisor yesterday so he could tell me about some of the projects with which I will be involved and I’m incredibly excited to get started.  So that’s not it at all.  Rather, I’m worrying about my office.  I mean, I’ll have an office!  With a desk and a window (maybe)!  What do I do with all that space?  What do I need to make the most of my time in there?

I’ve been looking online to see what other professionals keep in their offices.  Based on a couple of blog entries I’ve found, I’m compiling a hefty list of things that I think I’ll keep in/around my desk.  Aside from the standard office artillery (staplers, pens, highlighters, scissors, etc.), here’s what [I think] I need:

  • Headphones (big ‘uns!)
  • Headset w/microphone (for videoconferencing and tutorial-creating)
  • Lamp
  • Visitor’s chair
  • Fan
  • Space heater (because every library office is freezing, especially in the summers)
  • iPhone/iPod charger
  • Shawl (’cause, honestly, I get cold after sitting still for hours at a time)
  • Houseplant(s) (even though I’m awful at keeping them alive, I think it’s important to have something green in the office)
  • Bulletin board & pins (or white board & markers — whichever the college provides, really)
  • Toys & trinkets (for distraction purposes)
  • Personal items (photos, inspirational notes, posters, etc.)

Of course, I’m also thinking of having an “emergency drawer” because I was incredibly grateful when my supervisor at my previous job had a spare pair of pantyhose for me to wear to an interview when my pantyhose ripped.  In this drawer, I will keep:

  • Eating utensils:
    • Spoon / fork / knife
    • Chopsticks
    • Plate(s)
    • Bowl(s)
    • Cup(s)
  • Pantyhose
  • Spare clothing:
    • 1 pair of socks
    • 1 shirt
    • 1 sweater/cardigan
    • 1 pair of shoes
    • 1 pair of slacks
    • 1 skirt
    • 1 blazer/jacket
  • Sewing kit
  • Umbrella
  • Spare sunglasses
  • Mints / gum
  • Lint brush
  • Hair brush / comb
  • Hair elastics / pins
  • Mirror
  • Lip balm
  • Excedrin / OTC painkillers
  • Band-Aids
  • Cough drops
  • Baby wipes
  • Tissues & napkins
  • Hand lotion
  • Snacks:
    • Nuts
    • Dried fruit
    • Chocolate
    • CLIF bars
    • Cookies / candies
    • Tea bags
  • Reusable shopping bag
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tide stain pen
  • Flashlight
  • Toolkit (screwdrivers, pliers, etc.)
  • Petty cash & change

Am I missing anything crucial?  What does an academic librarian (whose responsibilities include coordination of the e-book program and creation of instructional modules on the web, as well as reference, instruction, and collection development) keep in/on/near her desk?

I kinda hate that I’m worrying about this but it’s there and it’s real and I’m trying to deal with it the only way I know how: by making lists.  I mean, clearly, I will not be hauling boxes of this stuff with me on Wednesday (first day! eek!) but, instead, acquiring these things over the weeks and months that I’m on the job… However, it helps me to write this down so I can clear my head for the next paranoid OCD adventure :)






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