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  • What’s in the bag?

    For someone who cycles just under 6 miles (each way) in one of the world’s most urban cities, I carry a lot of stuff with me on my commute. So what’s in the bag? Tool bag (with wrench, multitool, tire levers, spare tube, etc.) Lunch Sunglasses & case Lip balm Wallet Cellphone Hand sanitizer Sunscreen […]

  • A vegan kitchen: eating at work

    I just sent Alex a text message: There’s a wedge of lime wrapped in foil in your lunch container. Please don’t microwave it >_< I made Pineapple-Cashew-Quinoa Stir-Fry last night and the recipe calls for a wedge of lime for garnish. Alex and I really do like the extra touch of citrus so the lime […]

  • I descended a dusty gravel ridge

    So I’m working full-time again. As of January 2 of this year, I am the substitute Technical Services/Electronic Resources Librarian at a college in Brooklyn. I love my (challenging!) job and my (fantastic!) coworkers and I hope this stint will lead to a permanent position in the (awesome!) department… but what I’m really here to […]