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  • And the world looks just the same

    I’ve been jonesing for a new bike. Despite how much I love my current one, I find myself wishing it was lighter, faster, better. I test drove a road bike — —with drop-down handlebars — for the first time —back in September and was pleasantly surprised by the bike’s geometry. The position that bike had […]

  • You melt my wings and call it fun

    I taught my boyfriend to knit: This is Alex knitting a cowl for himself last night. He used some of my leftover yarn to create a multi-colored (brown and cream) cowl. I only helped him by joining to knit it in the round and binding it off for him, he did most of the knitting […]

  • I got you in my sights

    Motorcycle chained to the same pole to which I locked my bike: Doesn’t it look ferocious with those teeth? My bike was glad to finally be freed. Sigh. My poor bike could use a bath. It’s taken a lot of abuse these past few months, what with all the rain riding and wet cement eating.