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  • Need moar tech!

    Need moar tech!

    I recently purchased a new laptop (Acer Aspire S5) and installed Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS on it. It took some fiddling (I needed to uninstall DMRAID from the command line before I could install the new OS: sudo apt-get remove dmraid) but, eventually, I replaced Windows 8 with Ubuntu on my new machine. I work in a UNIX environment at work and I’ve grown very attached to it. I find it much more intuitive than Windows. It just works better with the tools I use at work—and, now, at home and on the go. …That and the laptop I have at home is a behemoth. I can’t take it anywhere with me. The new machine is only 2.6-lb (1.2-kg) while the ASUS Republic of Gamers G55VW is a whopping 8.4-lb (3.8-kg). Alex has been unofficially using it as his own personal gaming station for months now… and, now, ownership of the monstrous laptop has been passed on to him. I had actually been considering getting a MacBook Air but the cost was so prohibitive that I ended up looking at non-Apple products of comparable quality. Of course, as soon as I mentioned that I purchased a new laptop, my boss asked me if I got it through the company: “What? No. I used my own money. I could have done that!?” I asked. “Sure. It’s standard procedure. Everyone gets a laptop,” he replied. Funny how I’ve been working there for over a year and no one once mentioned to me that I could have gotten a laptop. Harumph! I did get an iPad through them but it had already been purchased and was just given to me when I arrived, I didn’t ask for it. (I already had my own so I wouldn’t have requested one.) Well, at least now I know. I foresee a MacBook some time in my future…