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  • Decade


    Ten years ago, my then-boyfriend Alex and I visited a local animal shelter where I fell in love with a kitten named Dixon. I had been going kitten-crazy and really wanted to adopt a cat. (The previous year, my family’s 16-year-old cat passed away.) So Alex and I took a trip to the Staten Island […]

  • Many names

    These are the names I call my cat: Dixon Dixie Dix Cat Kitty Kitty Face Kitty Butt Dixie Face Dixie Butt Butter Bean Butt Bean Butt Face Kiska (from the Russian киска, meaning “kitty”) Kiska Face Kiska Butt Butt Bunny Bunny Butt Zayats (from the Russian заяц, meaning “hare” or “rabbit”) Zai This list has been seven […]

  • Winter, please never come

    Because of how warm it is for this time of year (55°F!), my landlord didn’t blast the heat today so it’s chilly in my apartment. So much so, in fact, that my cat crawled into my sweater with me: Yep.