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  • Tempeh Hash with Poached Avocado and Hollandaise Sauce

    Last weekend, Alex and I were in Philadelphia. It was our first time visiting the city so we did some research and made a list of all the vegan restaurants within 5 miles of our hotel. (Quite serendipitously, the current issue of Chickpea Magazine had a vegan guide to Philly! I took copious notes as […]

  • Hands in the air like it’s good to be alive

    Planning a bike tour is no easy feat. Depending on where one goes and for how long, one would need a lot of gear to get through the trip: Tent with footprint and rainfly Sleeping bag Sleeping pad Pillow Clothes (cycling & street) Stove, pot, bowls, and utensils Food Water bottles & filtration system Camp […]

  • Take off your shoes and relax your feet

    One day in June, Alex and I packed our bags and headed up to Lake Luzerne for a mini vacation on Lake Vanare. The day we left, it was pouring rain but we couldn’t postpone our trip: the cabin was booked and everything was paid for. So we hitched our bikes to the trunk and […]