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  • Amsterdam | Day 1

    Our plane was delayed for about 30 minutes on the runway. However, we still managed to arrive on time. Unfortunately, I got very sick upon landing :( That has slowed us down significantly since I have to keep stopping everyone to wait for my nausea to subside. Alex has been great, carrying my luggage for […]

  • Save me, Jebus!

    On Friday, Alex and I biked around 10.5 miles.  This was a result of our putzing around on our bikes, not having any real destination in mind.  On Saturday, we decided to take a more organized approach and ended up putting 20 additional miles on our bikes.  (For n00bs like us, this was a major […]

  • Summer has come and passed

    The more time I spend with my bike, the more I grow to love it.  I’m finding it to be so utilitarian!  Combined with another mode of transportation (such as the Staten Island Railway), it can take me farther than I first imagined. Today, while Alex packed my laptop and a textbook into a bookbag, […]