Summer has come and passed

The more time I spend with my bike, the more I grow to love it.  I’m finding it to be so utilitarian!  Combined with another mode of transportation (such as the Staten Island Railway), it can take me farther than I first imagined.

Today, while Alex packed my laptop and a textbook into a bookbag, I stuffed an 8½" × 11" notebook and several journal articles into my trunk.  After throwing in some other necessities (like a thermos full of coffee, snacks, laptop power cable, overdue library book, U-lock, wallet, and cellphone), we hopped on our bikes and pedaled 1.7 miles to the train station (most of which was downhill and required little energy).  We then picked up our bikes and carried them down 3 short flights of stairs to get to the platform, where we boarded the train that rolled in within 2 minutes of our arrival.  Several stops (about 12 minutes) later, we got off the train, picked up our bikes, and carried them up 3 short flights of stairs.  We then walked our bikes 2 blocks to the library.  Using a cable lock and a U-lock, we tethered our bikes to a parking sign (while wishing that there was a bike rack) and went into the library to do our studies.

Aside from being a little sweaty (as it was muggy today, averaging around 60% relative humidity), it was an easy commute.  This is definitely something that I can get used to doing on a regular basis.

(The way back was slightly more difficult, as the road was mainly uphill.  However, Alex and I may have figured out a more favorable way home via a different route.  We will test it out the next time we go to the library, which will be soon.)






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