Can anybody hear me?

I have never biked more than 20 miles on any given day. However, I want to take on the 60-mile trip up the Hudson River to Bear Mountain State Park. If I maintain a speed of 10 MPH (which I will probably end up averaging, considering that I’ll be trekking up hills and mountains by the end of the day), it should take me about 8 hours to get there, including rest stops. Once in Stony Point, NY, I can get a room (and a shower) for the night and begin the trip back down early the next morning.

There already exists a mapped out bike path from Chinatown to Bear Mountain in All I would have to do is:

  1. ensure that all roads still exist,
  2. buy a map and outline the route, and
  3. consider buying a separate GPS device (for peace of mind)

Of course, I would also need the appropriate gear (but first I would need to find out what constitutes “appropriate gear” for a trip of this magnitude) and supplies.

In the meantime, I’ll have to build up my endurance by taking progressively longer trips on my bike.  Unfortunately, the temperature is getting lower and I’m finding fewer excuses to get out there in this weather.  (Somehow, my 3-hour commute to work and back is becoming less appealing and more crazy sounding.)  Therefore, I will have to wait until it starts warming up in the spring to begin “training” for this 120-mile trip.  I’m planning on taking this trip in late May or early June, before the humidity sets in and smothers New York.

You know, I bought my bike from a guy in Stony Point.  I drove the 60 miles up there on my car and hauled my new [to me] bike.  This time, the bike would be taking me there and back.





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