I took a walk one day

This heat wave that NYC is experiencing is seriously cramping my style.  It is hot all the time!  No matter how early I wake up, the sun is beating down on me and  the air is suffocating me.  Bicycling in this weather is out of the question.

The heat is also making knitting difficult.  I’m going to get gross on you now… but I’m a sweat-er.  I sweat a lot, actually.  Handling wool yarn with moist hands is irritating and uncomfortable.  In fact, I can actually cause the fabric to felt as I work with it.  (That’s bad.)  Up until a few days ago, I managed to stay cool in my apartment without turning on the air conditioner.  However, this heat wave has forced me to break the A/C-less streak.  Unfortunately, it’s not working so well so it’s still stifling hot in my place.  One way I’ve managed to get some knitting done is by taking it outside!  Last week, I met a girl through Ravelry who actually turned out to be in my extended circle of friends (we have friends in common — small world!) and we knit together at a nearby cafe.  Coffee, pastries, knitting, friends, and air conditioning: what more could a girl ask for?  We’re trying to make it a weekly thing — establish our own knitting group, if you will — so we’ll be meeting again this week.  Yay!  (I’m calling it SSK.  In knitting, it stands for “slip slip knit,” which is a move that removes a stitch and narrows the knitting.  For me, though, it stands for “South Shore Knitters” ’cause we’re both on the lower half of Staten Island.)

In the meantime, I’m vegging on my couch (with my cat by my side) while I re-watch Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix Instant.  Bliss!





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