Ho ho ho!

This year, I participated in Reddit’s Secret Santa exchange for the first time. I had a lot of fun [non-creepily] stalking my giftee and trying to figure out what he’d like. I also tried to get something for everyone in his family so I hope everyone enjoys their presents. The package (containing 6 gifts) is expected to arrive on Tuesday. I’m excited to see what he thinks and looking forward to his submission to redditgifts!

I haven’t heard from or received a gift from my Secret Santa yet. There’s still time but it doesn’t even matter: I’ve always enjoying giving more than receiving so I’ll definitely do this again next year, whether or not I receive anything. Maybe I’ll even participate in some of Reddit’s non-Christmas-themed gift exchanges during the year.

(You can’t see it in this photo but I made my own gift bows. I’ve done it in the past, using ads from The New Yorker—as that’s what I had lying around—and I made them again this year, using scraps of wrapping paper.)





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