Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?

My Secret Santa giftee received his gift a day early, much to my delight. The package contained 7 individual gifts:

I also included a holiday card with a personal message, wherein I revealed my true identity.

I received a nice note from him this evening, thanking me for the gifts and explaining what they meant to him and his family. (He said the cookies were the first to go!) His message totally made my night. I was worried since I didn’t have much to go on when picking the gifts. Here’s what I knew about him:

  • He’s approximately my age
  • He recently quit smoking (and switched to e-cigarettes)
  • He has an 8-year-old son (with whom he plays chess)
  • His and his wife are expecting their second child
  • He likes the MN Vikings and the NZ All Blacks
  • He has two adorable dogs
  • He programs in Perl and bash
  • He’s into bodybuilding

I tried to hit the major points and I think I managed to do just that. His noted ended with: “Thank you, Allie, for the amazing gifts! It means a lot!”

I’ve enjoyed this gift-giving experience so much that I even signed up to be a rematcher for someone whose Secret Santa leaves them out in the cold.





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