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  • Meaning must be imposed by learning by experience

    The past few weeks have been fun, busy, exciting, stressful… Let me count the ways: Earlier in the month, I worked my first shift at the co-op. I opted to do a receiving shift, wherein I arrive at the store before it opens to receive shipments, arrange and display produce, label produce, and check prices. […]

  • And the world looks just the same

    I’ve been jonesing for a new bike. Despite how much I love my current one, I find myself wishing it was lighter, faster, better. I test drove a road bike — —with drop-down handlebars — for the first time —back in September and was pleasantly surprised by the bike’s geometry. The position that bike had […]

  • My lips are sealed

    Now that my living situation is somewhat under control (I’ll be moving on September 1!), I’m starting to worry about the new job.  And it’s not even the job itself that’s worrying me!  I met with my supervisor yesterday so he could tell me about some of the projects with which I will be involved […]