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  • You can feel it in your mind

    About two years ago, I had my first experience with ocular migraines. Since then, every migraine I’ve had has been an ocular (or retinal) migraine. A few weeks ago, I had four of them in four days. That was exhausting. In order to combat this insanity, I’ve decided that I needed to start wearing my […]

  • A vegan kitchen: eating at work

    I just sent Alex a text message: There’s a wedge of lime wrapped in foil in your lunch container. Please don’t microwave it >_< I made Pineapple-Cashew-Quinoa Stir-Fry last night and the recipe calls for a wedge of lime for garnish. Alex and I really do like the extra touch of citrus so the lime […]

  • My lips are sealed

    Now that my living situation is somewhat under control (I’ll be moving on September 1!), I’m starting to worry about the new job.  And it’s not even the job itself that’s worrying me!  I met with my supervisor yesterday so he could tell me about some of the projects with which I will be involved […]