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  • Recipe: Mexican Bean Salad

    My sister recently moved and, on Friday, I visited her new domicile for a quiet housewarming party. This caused me to freak out slightly: The fact that my veganism causes others to have to change their dinner plans is kinda sucky. So I immediately texted her back and said I’d be bringing vegan desserts for […]

  • Recipe: Vegan cast iron pizza

    I made a delicious pizza for dinner tonight. I cheated and used frozen pizza dough, though… so all I really did was assemble ingredients and add heat. It turned out really well but I’m sure it would’ve been even better with a handmade crust! My version is vegan so it fulfills my diet requirements while […]

  • On to greener pastures

    Tonight’s dinner: Roasted Asparagus (Veganomicon, pp. 30-31) Mashed Potatoes (Veganomicon, p. 110) Chickpea Cutlets (Veganomicon, p. 133) Mustard Sauce (Veganomicon, p. 204) I didn’t really need the recipes for the asparagus or the mashed potatoes… but they’re included in the book for good measure. This has been one of my favorite meals from the book […]