Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy!

As can be seen by my previous posts (and my Ravelry projects page), I’ve grown somewhat obsessed with knitting. In the span of two months, I’ve knit nine hats (one of which was unsuccessful) and six scarves (two of which were flops). I’m also currently in the middle of two projects: a pair of slippers and a vest. For the time being, I’ve decided to put off the slippers because … well, because I’m stuck and I don’t know how to proceed. I’ve knit the sole for one slipper and picked up stitches on the edge but I don’t know what to do next — I’m finding it difficult to follow the pattern instructions. Perhaps I’ll bring the project to my knitting group at work on Tuesday and see if someone there can help me figure it out.

Speaking of which, I left my job. Well, one of them. I will no longer be helping out at the reference desk but I am still involved in another project under another title at the same library. However, starting next week, I’ll begin my new job at another library. I’ll be on the reference desk for 15 hours per week, answering questions in person and by phone. I think I’ll also be on chat reference duty for much of that time. I spent several days this week running around campus, getting my paperwork done and taking my photo for the ID card. I was also given a tour of the library and I can genuinely say that I am looking forward to starting this job. The librarians and other staff members seem really nice. However, given that I was introduced to the library when classes were not in session, I do not know what to expect of the students. The first week at any college library is filled with questions like “Do you have this textbooks?” and “WHY DON’T YOU HAVE THIS TEXTBOOK!?” which is always nerve-wracking for everyone involved. I’m just glad I wasn’t there for the first day of classes (today) because I would most likely get a migraine.

So that’s what’s new in my life. If I’m not working (or worrying about interviewing for a full-time gig!), I’m knitting. People are starting to request things and I’ve yet to make something for myself. The vest is for my sister, the slippers are for Alex’s sister. Alex’s mother also requested a vest and his father wants a scarf. Alex himself wants a cardigan. I’ve also picked out a shawl that I want to make for my mother. (Well, I didn’t so much pick it out as I saw a coworker’s shawl and fell in love with it.)  As such, I’ve decided to continue coming in to the newly formed knitting group at my (old? current? existing?) job, even though I will not be coming onto the campus regularly.  I love my coworkers and colleagues so I’ll take any excuse to hang out with them.







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