It’s not your fault

This is the reason I don’t finish my knitting projects as quickly as I should:

Dixon comes over and naps in my lap, taking up all my knitting space.  (I started a sweater vest last night that’s 15% finished already!  It’d be farther along if the purr monster kept away from my lap.  It would also help if he kept my yarn out of his mouth.)

He’s also the reason I got the apartment in Brooklyn.  When I found out that my prospective landlord rescues animals (and because she asked about him when I told her I have a cat), I sent a photo of Dixon with my rental application.  When the landlord called to say that I’m in, she said my move was “shameless, shameless!”  Then when I went to sign the lease, she again said how that was a shrewd maneuver.  I pimped out my cat to get an apartment and I’m not ashamed!  If you had a cat as lovable and huggable as Dixon, you’d do the same.





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