On drawstrings in washing machines

Sweatpants drawstring, just being in the privacy of the washing machine does not make it okay to rape the other clothing. My underwear and socks do not appreciate being forced into a three-way with you. I do not appreciate having to rescue my underwear and socks from said three-way. And don’t get all pouty and retreat into the waistband of my sweatpants – it won’t change the fact that I am mad at you.

Allie Brosh

I’ve been a fan of Allie Brosh for years and I just listened to her on NPR’s Fresh Air. It inspired me to take a closer look at her blog so I went back to the beginning and I’m reading her blog from the start. This is just one of the gems I’ve uncovered. She is so incredibly talented and I’m grateful she’s chosen to share her humor (and, sometimes, pain) with the world instead of going on to save lives or discover new medicines.





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